Our approach is to provide our clients with a thoroughly ‘London’ level of service, both in terms of low charges, wide spread of market assets and excellence of management.


London Standards

We bring to the African market investment opportunities for our HNW and UHNW Private Clients that are unique, normally available only from London or European Private Banks or family offices. These can be accessed direct or via five risk-graded Caravel Strategies. A Risk Assessment must be completed so we can suggest the correct Strategy for your risk appetite, your objectives and your investment timescale. These Strategies all have a multi-asset core which is based, regulated and managed in London; along with other asset classes.

Investent Committee

The Caravel Partners Investment Committee, guided by City of London experts and others, meets regularly to determine the asset allocation of the Caravel Strategies for the next Quarter.

It is guided by macro-economic forecasts as well as asset performance, and seeks to maximize alpha while maintaining each Strategy's risk profile.


Offshore Platform


For a British expatriate intending to one day return home, investing via platforms provided by life insurance companies can provide some significant tax and other benefits. All administration of the investment’s different fund holdings is gathered in one place. In addition, life companies are able to purchase funds at a greatly reduced cost. These life company products also have more capability to mitigate or negate some taxes, for example Capital Gains Tax when transferring between collectives; or Inheritance Tax. 


For those of other nationalities, a non-life company investment platform is usually both more appropriate and cost-effective.


Protection of Your Money 

Asset values can and do move up or down as the market itself moves. That is a reality that we seek to manage for you in our portfolio selections and on-going management. A further reassurance we provide is the viability of the financial institution with whom we place your money. We deal only with institutions regulated in UK-equivalent regulatory jurisdictions. Different offshore jurisdictions employ different methodologies (Trust structure or segregated accounts), but the effect is the same: in the extremely unlikely event of the holding financial institution being unable to meet its liabilities, the value of your account is protected.