Saving a set sum regularly is the logical way to bring discipline to growing a future capital sum.

There are many reasons for saving, whether to reach a definite future target – a pension to fund your old age, save for the college education of a new child or build a deposit for a future home purchase - or simply to ‘put away’ a regular sum for future use.

What is key is the methodology by which you save every month. Nowadays there are low-commission offshore regular savings plans that do not tie in your money for years, or force you to save during a so-called ‘Initial Period’. Very high quality modern variants exist which are much more saver-friendly than the old-style plans from the offshore insurance companies. The new generation includes plans linked directly to global exchanges which guarantee you up to 180% of contributions made during the savings term.

Equity investment is the proven way to grow your money over time. Equities have yielded around 9% per annum on average, net of inflation, since the 1930s. And remember, time is in general more important than the amount of money saved: by starting early, you reduce the amount you might need to save.

Whether you need a full retirement plan or just have an identifiable amount of money that can be saved over a period of time, we at Caravel Partners will match you with the most appropriate plan, and explain it so you thoroughly understand and 'own' it.