About us

Caravel Partners is a privately-owned wealth management company operating in developing Africa and beyond. It's origins go back to 1996. Its owners (British and South African professionals) have a combined wealth management industry experience of more than eighty years earned in the African, Middle Eastern, British and Asian markets.

Partnering with many famous financial institutions and other providers of superior investment assets, Caravel seeks to offer its African and other clients the same service enjoyed by clients of Private Banks in London, with the same flexibility and competitive charges. Whether you are seeking to protect your family against your untimely demise, build capital over the longer term via regular savings or have a capital sum to invest, we will examine your personal situation, objectives, time horizon and risk appetite to design the best solution for you and manage your growing wealth for you to ensure the best possible outcome. 

With offices in Zambia, with Uganda to follow, we bring you a wealth of offshore products and services and a range of HNW solutions to meet all your portfolio management and capital growth, retirement, education fee planning and other needs, such as ensuring wealth can be passed safely to the next generation.

Underpinning everything we do is a strong commitment to the moral dimension of our work. This is shown not only in our daily work with and for our clients, but also in our profit share with Children’s Charities in various African countries: this for us is not just for show but a duty to the societies in which we ourselves live and work.

Caravel Partners Ltd was initially founded by Ben Carter, who leads the team in Zambia. Educated at Cambridge University and at Britain’s Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Ben has twenty-six years’ experience in the offshore financial services world. In that time, he has worked all over the globe, from Africa to China, with various periods spent in the Gulf and twelve years in Russia where he founded, and later sold, DVAinvest, a successful Moscow-based brokerage. Ben is always available to talk to you. Contact him at benedict@caravelpartners.net