UK Social Housing


• access to low-risk, lower-entry level investment opportunities

• a very secure return on investment in a hard currency

• British property ownership

• zero management or maintenance involvement

British social housing may well be the answer. In summary, you invest (as an example) £100,000 into a British social housing unit and receive a fixed 9%, or £9,000 each year, with no deductions and no management or maintenance costs. This return rises each year in line with British official inflation.

Compared to private housing investments, social housing presents unique opportunities. The government or local authorities supports the rent, with Housing Associations covering any rent gaps. This ensures stable, government-backed income for investors.

Additionally, unlike traditional rental agreements directly with tenants, these agreements are with organisations offering longer leases Up to twenty-five years) which include repair and maintenance terms.

You purchase a property for social housing, and then Caravel’s UK partners lease it back to the local government Housing Association providing the lease to the tenant. You have the freehold on the property and can sell it – the sale can be organised for you. You have possession of the title deeds.

Social housing in Britain provides a range of accommodations for those in need, including low-income families, the homeless, individuals with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, and asylum seekers. This sector benefits from the largest share of a £6.4 billion social impact investment, showing how important this area of investment is to addressing social challenges and supporting vulnerable populations in the UK.

Social housing in the UK is in very high demand due to the very high number of people on the waiting list. This means that once tenants finally secure a home, they don’t tend to move on quickly. The lease agreement with the local housing provider and the high demand for social housing within the UK also allows for long-term occupancy levels, so you won’t need to worry about your investment property sitting unoccupied.