Investment Advisor Career

Caravel Partners brings London wealth management to Africa. Folks in Zambia will enjoy similar products, portfolios and management as a high-net-worth London client, but with very competitive and client-focused charges.

Are you perhaps working for one of the more commonly known Investment Advisory groups in Africa...?

• but you want something DIFFERENT

• you want to work in an environment where people really understand you,  your country and it's people's needs?

Well, this is an opportunity to be part of a small team with vast international AND African financial advisory experience, -with superb training, constant support and really excellent remuneration levels combined with transparent honesty. With our brand new offices in Lusaka, we are looking for financial advisors with at least two years offshore experience working in a wealth management or investment advisory business.


• This position would ideally suit (but not limited to) folks already living and working in the industry in Zambia.

• Proven working experience as a financial adviser

• Excellent in communication and client-relationship skills

• Develop, lead and manage the sales organization to advise on financial products and solutions.

• Organizational and will have time management skills

• Will have the capability to build rapport with people from multiple nationalities, jobs and industries

• Will have the capacity to adapt to an often fast-paced industry

• Focused approach to build business


• Provide strategic advice across a variety of international financial products and services

• Assess client’s overall financial picture, understand their needs and develop a solid financial plan

• Guide clients towards a profitable and secure financial decision

• Keep abreast of new industry’s trends and research market to back up financial consulting=

• Oversee the course of the financial plan and update it, if necessary, to ensure profits

• Comply with all local and international industry rules and regulations


• Competitive Commission Structure and incentives

• Incentive on Transferal of Existing Assets Under Management

This is a great opportunity for those who love the industry and enjoy helping people make responsible decisions about their financial furfures. Please only apply if you have the required and proven investment advisory / wealth management sales experience and want to be a part of something fresh

Please note:
  This position would ideally suit folks already living and working in the industry in Zambia dealing with both Zambians and expatriates.  This position is a face to face, sales and target driven advisory role and NOT for someone from the accounting / auditing, financial management or other back office or desk job types of professions.

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